Top paper by an member of the ASI

New issue of PJA (Vol. 5, No. 3) is published

Prof. Kamali's Prize

Prof. Karim Kamali considered a prize for Iranian students of Acarology who wrote the best papers in journals and presented the best lecture/poster in Iranian Plant .Protection Congress. for more information, please click here

Top Scientist of the World

Prof. Yaghoub Fathipour, a member of the Acarological Society of Iran is included in the list of 1% top scientists of the world based on the Essential Science Indicators (ESI) of Thomson-Reuters (ISI).

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About Us

The Acarological Society of Iran (ASI) was established on 30 August 2008.ASI is an international society for Iranian acarologists living home and abroad. However, anyone who is interested in acarology and in promoting the communication and cooperation among acarologists in Iran and other parts of the world, is invited to join ASI.
ASI currently has over 70 members from Iran, Japan and The Netherlands. ASI will publish a newsletter and a research journal, Journal of Acarological Society of Iran in near future. Iranian acarologists have long wished to establish an acarological society and to publish a journal in which they can present their works on the Acari. We are very pleased to announce that their dreams have now come true. Please join us in promoting the development of acarology in Iran and fostering the communication and cooperation among acarologists in Iran and other parts of the world

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The Acarological Society of Iran,
Department of Plant Protection,
College of Agriculture,
University of Tehran,
P. O. Box: 4111  
Post Code: 31587-77871
Karaj, Iran
To Contact Us : Phone: 00982632243671
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